Various procedures

Below is an excerpt of the Japanese version of “Course Enrollment Handbook (履修の手引, Rishu no Tebiki).” If certain contents differ from the Japanese version, please adhere to the Japanese version’s content. If you have questions, please inquire at the office window.

Notification and Requests

Various student procedures can be divided into two large categories.

  1. Notifications (届, Todoke)…Complete if you fill out and submit the designated paper or form.
  2. Requests (願, Negai)…Please do not simply submit them. You must receive approval.

Matters Related to Academics

CELAS Academic Affairs office [Office Hours: 8:30–16:30 (except for 11:35–12:20)]
or the faculty office in your department

Matters Related to Student Life

Student passenger fare discount card

This system aims to contribute to the promotion of school education by reducing the financial burden of your studies.
For Inquiries: Suita Student Center (First floor, IC hall, Suita campus)

Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (PAS; 学研災)

This insurance covers injuries sustained while performing educational research activities (in required curriculum, school, or extracurricular activities) or while commuting to school (including moving between campus facilities), and all students are enrolled.
For Inquiries: Toyonaka Student Center (Second floor, Student Service & Union, Toyonaka campus)

For those and other matters related to student life, please consult Student Center

Matters Related to Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine

Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine can be used Monday through Friday (excluding holidays, New Year’s break, and summer break). Note that usage hours during class break periods for machines installed in the School of Foreign Studies are until 5:00 p.m.

Depending on the individual, there may be instances when a health diagnosis verification document cannot be generated by a certification vending machine. In such cases, please inquire at the campus health center.

For certificates other than those listed here, please inquire at the Academic Affairs office of your department.

Paying Tuition

  1. Tuition is paid through automatic withdrawal from a regular financial institution or Japan Post Bank (hereafter, “financial institution”) with funds taken from a savings account under the student’s name via an account transfer (first semester portion in May, second semester portion in November).
    It is necessary to open a savings account in the student’s name at a financial institution and set up account transfer procedures. Please perform procedures as described on the explanation sheet distributed at the time of enrollment.
    If payment absolutely cannot be made by account transfer, a transfer request form will be sent from the Osaka University Finance Department, so please follow the financial institution’s (except Japan Post Bank) transfer procedures (fees are your responsibility).
  2. If payment is not made by the designated date, a reminder will be issued to the student or the student’s guardian, and if tuition is still unpaid after a substantial period of time has passed, expulsion procedures will be taken.

Commuting by Bicycle (bike parking space)

If you commute by bicycle, please park your bicycle in the designated bicycle parking space, and do not use it as a means of getting around on the premises. Bicycles parked outside the designated areas or abandoned bicycles may be forcibly removed. Please be aware that bicycle riding on the Handai-zaka path is prohibited.

Matters Related to Disabilities, Etc.

Students who have difficulty climbing stairs or commuting to school by foot owing to illness, injury, or physical disability and would like to commute by automobile (vehicle entry permit) should apply at the Academic Affairs office of their department and follow the designated procedures.