Life in Japan

Medical Care System

(1) Medical checkups and health consultations

“Regular student health checkups” take place yearly at the Health Center. Please be sure to visit the center.
The Health Center also provides medical care and health consultations every day of the week. These services are free of charge, so please actively use these services when you are not feeling well.

(2) National Health Insurance

Exchange students who are in Japan for over one year are enrolled in a “National Health Insurance” program. If you are not enrolled in this, please take care of the enrollment procedures at your local government office (city hall or ward office) in your place of residence.
National Health Insurance fees differ slightly depending on the local government, so please check these when you enroll.


(1) Placement in university-based dormitories

(2) Osaka University Guarantor System for Foreign Student Rental Housing

For students who cannot obtain a suitable guarantor for signing a private-housing rental agreement, the university will become the guarantor.

Further information is found here (also available as a PDF file).

Residency Procedures

The new residency system was implemented on July 9, 2012. Please check the complete details on the Immigration Bureau’s homepage.

(1) Updating the length of your residency

If your initially approved length of residency will expire while you are still an Osaka University student, a prior updating procedure is required.
The Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau accepts length-of-residency update applications within three months prior to residency expiration. Please apply on your own.
It takes time for these to be approved, so please apply as soon as possible. Please take caution especially if you plan to travel outside of Japan with a “temporary return” during the updated residency period.

(2) Temporary exits and re-entry

If you exit Japan for vacation or to return home during the summer, winter, or spring holidays, please submit a “temporary return/travel notification (一時帰国届・旅行届)” once you have determined your schedule.

(3) Permission for taking part-time Jobs

Exchange students wishing to work part-time must receive prior permission for eligibility for outside activities, regardless of the type of work.
Note that as a rule, part-time jobs are not permitted, given that Japanese government-sponsored exchange students are being provided with the sufficient conditions to focus on their studies.
Working over a certain number of hours without obtaining permission for “eligibility for outside activities” is a legal violation and “will be subject to punishment by department, etc.” Please take adequate caution.