Information for International Students

Despite your differences in nationalities, lifestyles, and habits, you are all students of Osaka University. During your student lives and in your respective academic departments, you will encounter various events and problems; we hope that we can find ways to mutually help each other.

Should you be confused about any aspect of your stay here, please proactively ask about it at the office. The faculty and staff will cooperate to further improve your quality of life as international students. Please feel free to visit and ask for guidance.


Office Contact Information

(1) Reception (excluding holidays)

Monday–Friday: 8:30–16:30 (closed for lunch 11:35–12:20)

(2) Contact Information

Office in charge Main business content
Academic Affairs
(2 F, Building A)
  • Taking courses in the general education courses
  • Enrolment confirmation for Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship, JASSO Honors Scholarship (Gakushu Shoreihi), Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Scholarship, scholarships for Special Entrance Examination for Privately-Funded Undergraduate International Students Living Overseas, procedures for extending the period of stay, etc. (Approximately until the spring and summer semester of the second year)
(5 F, Building A)
  • Payment of tuition and other fees

* For certificates of enrolment, official transcripts, and student discount cards, please use the Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine. The Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine can be used from Monday through Friday (excluding holidays, New Year’s break, and summer break). Click here for details.

For procedures other than those listed here, please inquire at your department’s Academic Affairs Office.

Remarks: Types of procedures
Various student procedures can be divided into two large categories.
Notifications (届, Todoke) Complete if you fill out and submit the designated paper or form.
Requests (願, Negai) Please do not simply submit them. You must receive approval.

Notification Methods

Announcements to students from the Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences (CELAS) will be sent via email or the bulletin board. Please adopt the habit of checking the bulletin board and your email daily to avoid possible inconveniences and issues.

Tutor System and Learning Advisors

Individual extracurricular guidance is provided for international students with the aim of improving their Japanese language proficiency and basic academic skills, as well as their learning and research results in their major fields. It is for all first-year undergraduate international students and second-year students who desire it.

Study Observation Tours

To deepen international students’ understanding of Japanese culture, we aim to provide opportunities for an observation tour of historical sites and cultural education centres so that students can come into contact with Japanese history and culture. It is planned once a year in June.

Commuting by Bicycle (bike parking space)

If you commute by bicycle, please park your bicycle in the designated bicycle parking space and do not use it as a means of getting around on campus. Bicycles parked outside the designated areas or abandoned bicycles may be forcibly removed. Please be aware that bicycle riding on the Handai-zaka path is prohibited.

Matters Related to Disabilities, Etc.

Students who have difficulty climbing stairs or commuting to school by foot owing to illness, injury, or physical disability and who would like to commute by automobile (vehicle entry permit) should apply at their department’s Academic Affairs Office and follow the designated procedures.

Other information from CELAS
Life in Japan
Campus Life

Other Concerns

If there are changes in matters that must be reported to the university, please report them to the Academic Affairs Office immediately.