Classes when Weather Warnings are Issued

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When Weather Warnings are Issued

This condition for class cancellation is applicable only for courses provided by CELAS. For other courses, please follow the instruction by the relevant department.

If a weather warning of the following types and ranges is issued, we will proceed as follows.

Warning cancelled before 6:00 a.m.: All classes held
Warning cancelled before 9:00 a.m.: Morning classes cancelled, afternoon classes held
Warning not cancelled before 9:00 a.m.: All classes cancelled
Warning issued after 9:00 a.m.: Classes cancelled from the following period on

Warning Issue Range

Toyonaka, Suita, Ibaraki, and Minoh or areas including these cities

Warning Type

Storm warning or Emergency Warning (*2)
(*2) "Emergency Warnings" are issued when there is an extremely high danger of disaster owing to heavy rain, storms, snow storms, waves, and high tides and the danger far exceeds the usual announcement criteria for a “warning.”

Confirmation of cancellation of warnings will be broadcast by TV, radio, and the Internet.