Multilingual Cafe

The Multilingual café started in 2011 to improve students’ oral communication abilities and to promote cultural exchange.We provide six language café sessions, including English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Korean. Please feel free to come and chat with us about the language, culture, customs, or any topic under the sun.

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Quartier Multilingue, First Floor, CELAS General Building I

Date and Time

12:10 – 13:00  

Tue/Thu … English Cafe

Mon/Wed/Fri … The following cafe sessions will be held alternately.

                                Chinese・Korean ・French ・German・Spanish 

For the schedule, please click here.


Osaka University students and staffs ONLY

English Cafe

Participants are divided into small groups and enjoy chatting in English.They talk about a wide variety of topics, including daily life, hometown, culture, travel, festival, and so on. We don’t divide the groups based on proficiency levels. Fluent Japanese conversational speakers oversee each session. Beginners are welcome.

French Cafe, Spanish Cafe, German Cafe, Chinese Cafe, Korean Cafe

Students who are interested in learning these languages are also interested in the countries where the languages are spoken. So, if you inclined to travel someday, joining a specific café  is  the best preparation. This is also an opportunity to meet students in various levels and departments.